• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

Your Guide to Making a Morning Routine that Actually Works for You

Hey there! I know a lot of you are out of work or are working less hours for the time being, so I thought to myself...

"What a perfect time to start a morning routine!"

WAIT - hear me out. I'm not saying to wake up early or earn your masters in the coming weeks, but, literally, try to name a better time (***never is not an accepted answer***) to try a morning routine.

I'm the first to admit I get *quite* cranky when someone tries to take my precious sleeping time away, but, with all the hype, you've gotta wonder if it's worth giving up 15 or so minutes of sleep.

All that to say, I now totally believe in the power of a morning routine or I wouldn't be recommending it to you. Promise.

Kk, but for real, adding a morning routine has been really beneficial for me, ESPECIALLY during extended times that I'm at home and have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. It helps me get focused for what I want to do that day and gets me centered to have a more peaceful day.

My morning routine changes quite often as my life changes. My morning routine during the summer looks way different than my school-year routine and my coronavirus routine looks even different still. So, give yourself grace and remember this is to help you be the best you...not to destroy you and make you hate life! That'd be anticlimactic.

If self care leaves you feeling anything less than refreshed and inspired-- you haven't YET found the right self care for you. Despite the bazillion ideas out there, you have to find the right self care for you or it's not really self care at all.

So here's your 3 steps to starting a routine:

//1// Figure out what you need to have a successful day

Do you find that meditating or praying helps? Or does cooking a nutritious breakfast? Maybe exercise? The idea doesn't have to sound like a thrilling idea at first, but try it for a week and see how it impacts your daily life. If you truly don't notice a difference, I think it's fair to scrap it and spend the time doing something that does make your day better. The key is to keep looking. Don't lose the hope that your mornings can be better.

//2// Prioritize

After you have a list of things that are life-giving to you and will help you have a successful day, prioritize them. What is the most important to you? Think: if you only had time to do one of those activities, which one would you choose (this is important for the last step)? If I sleep in, my must-do is eating breakfast + making coffee. Without it, I'm a wreck - don't judge!

//3// Start by adding just one item per week

Now that you have your items prioritized, take the most important two or three or however many you think you can realistically handle and try doing only those for the first week or two. Then, add more items every week until you feel like you have a solid routine. And don't be afraid to try different things!

My *Current* Morning Routine

In true Danielle Lee fashion, I have my morning routine in my google calendar with all the items I try to do. While teaching from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, my morning routine looks a little more like my summer routine:

-Drink a big glass of water

-Make coffee/breakfast

-Gratitude journal

-Quiet Time/Meditation

-Make today's plan (including top 3 goals)

Hoping this helps you reach your goals and has you feeling like a superhuman in no time (a superhuman who gives herself grace, that is)!

Let me know your favorite morning routine ritual!