• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

Why You Need a Hobby + 5 to Try

Hi there! A while ago I was *shook* when I realized I really didn't have any hobbies. I felt like I was just too noble and busy to have such a frivolous thing as a hobby.

So, I carved out some "me time" in my week - officially scheduled so I didn't end up without it. This is where setting boundaries in order to invest in yourself + those you love most comes into play. You can read more on that here.

Having a hobby (or a few!) is not a luxury. It's you deciding to carve out the time to invest in yourself + those you love most.

I read something in college and, although I haven't always followed it, it's stuck with me for years - find 3 hobbies: one to keep you healthy, one to make you money, and one to be creative. While you might just start with one hobby, it's something to work towards because who doesn't want to be more fit, wealthy, and creative?

Here are some simple ideas to get you started, but be thinking about finding each of the three types of hobbies. It's even possible to find a hobby that fits two of those (i.e. keeps you creative AND makes you money).

I'll put a little * by each hobby that can make you money because I know we could all use a little bit extra of that.

//1// Reading*

There are so many benefits to reading. Just a few are that it strengthens the brain, improves memory, and reduces stress. I try to read a nonfiction book after each fiction book because they are more of a challenge for me... and I've actually really come to enjoy some nonfiction books! If you need some help finding a book to start, you can check out my 2020 Reading List here.

//2// Art*

This could be any form of art. Photography, pottery, painting, drawing, calligraphy, ANYTHING that lets you express your creative side. Needlepoint, knitting, crochet- the list goes on and on and on. I also have been doing a series of simple DIYs you can do while in quarantine! They include a wall hanging, abstract painting, and more to come. You can find them here!

Find an art form you love and open an Etsy shop. It's super easy to do and bring in some extra income ("cha-ching!").


I had to put this under art, to keep my list at 5, but it's also an art form! Write what you're thinking, what you're feeling, or what you think others need to hear. Just get your thoughts on paper. Write a song. ANYTHING! It's so healthy to just get your thoughts out of your head and on paper, even if it feels foreign at first!

//3// Exercise*

Yoga, walking, running, rock climbing, anything that gets your body moving - even just for 20 or so minutes- it helps. A trainer just told me if I can just carve out time for two good workouts a week, I'd be so surprised at how toned I'd become... just two times a week!! TBH, I've yet to commit to even that, but it's something I'm working toward! Working out at home is so hard for me, but I created a list of simple ways to get your body moving FOR FREE. You can find that one here!

//4// Pick up an old instrument*

Do you have a piano or guitar or another instrument lying around in your home (or storage)?!? Pick it up and see what you still got! I've been enjoying playing piano out of my old piano books from when I was a kid, using the Ultimate Guitar app, and youtube tutorials.

//5// Play a game!*

Yes, as silly as it may sound, pick up and play a game. Brandon is a master at this - despite people telling him to grow up at times- the man knows how to enjoy life and that I can appreciate. He bought me Animal Crossing, convinced I would love it... and, guys, he knows me well. I was really skeptical because I never get into video games, but I love playing it, especially while we're cooped up in our house!

***HINT: you can make money doing any of these things. Pick one, work at it, and make some moolah! Reach out to me for ideas or just google "how can I make money doing _____?"

Let me know if you pick up any of these hobbies or hobbies you think I should try!