• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

What About When Mental Wellness and Physical Wellness *CLASH*

Please tell me I'm not the only one who craves carbs when I'm stressed, anxious, and just in a dark place.... anyone else?!

You know, the cycle of I feel crummy, so I'm going to eat crummy food, but then you just feel more crummy...

You know what I'm talking about? When you are not mentally well, so you start eating really horribly and it seems nearly impossible to eat well and be mentally well?

So how does one go about mixing the two?? Is it possible to be holistically well?

3 Reminders for when the cycle HITS:

//1// Our cravings tell us more than what's on the surface

Often when we're craving something, it's our body telling us we're deficient in some sort of nutrient. When you crave chocolate, you likely need magnesium and when you crave sweets you likely need chromium (Dr. Jockers), etc.

//2// Keep healthy options on hand

This is my secret weapon. ALWAYS have good food options on hand. If you're not eating sugar, have plenty of sugar--free snacks in the pantry/refrigerator. If you aren't eating gluten, have plenty of gluten-free options. Get my drift? It's helpful to re-frame your thinking by focusing on what you can have, rather than what you can't (or shouldn't). I'm doing a series on healthier snacks on youtube. You can find the first one here on keto lava cake that actually tastes good!

//3// Ask yourself "why" three times

When you're feeling mentally unwell and the cravings start to hit, ask yourself "why" and then a follow-up "why" and then one more follow-up "why." It could go something like this: "I'm craving sugar" - WHY? - "Because I'm stressed" - WHY? - "Because I need to write a list and organize my thoughts." And suddenly you have a *healthy* way to face your problems head on and efficiently.

Hoping that now you'll have some amo to stop that vicious cycle of feeling crummy and eating crummy. Let me know what you do when those cravings hit!