• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

September Favorites

September has come and now is waving its moody-colored-hand good bye. This month has been one for the books full of busyness, brokenness, and healing and below are some of the things that have helped me out along the way. Enjoy! (:

//1// Obey Hoodie (pictured above)

It's not news that hoodies are a sad girl's best friend. BUT bonus points for being comfy, cozy, and looking a little put-together! I got this hoodie last spring and have been waiting allllllll summer for it to cool down so I could enjoy it. Thank you, Michigan for some cool nights ('bout time!!).

//2// Insta-Dri Polish

This Sally Hansen polish is GOLD. I am notorious for not sitting still long enough for my nails to dry and this month I've been especially unable to sit still. My very favorite color is Cocoa A Go Go for its moody tones-- perfect for fall!

//3// Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea

This stuff is caffeine free and PERFECT for bed time after a long day. It's supposed to calm your body and mind to encourage a good nights sleep and has got cinnamon, sarsaparilla and carob flavors to make this the perfect nightly beverage.

//4// Better than Sex Eyeliner

I recently expressed my immense love for Better than Sex Mascara, but let me tell ya-- this eyeliner has joined my list of must-haves. It's AMAZING!! It glides on soooooooo easily and I feel like I'm actually capable of using eyeliner again! Go buy some... like, now.

//5// Therapy

K, so...this last month has been really difficult, bringing up many past hurts and reveling new ones. I've been reminded of the incredible healing that can be found from going to a good counselor. I tried talking myself out of "needing" to go for a couple weeks before accepting that it'd be helpful. Friends, end the stigma- you don't have to be "bad enough" to seek help. Go before it gets bad. Message me if you want to talk more about my experiences or anything else (:

Here's to October!