• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

My *ALL TIME* Favorite Planning Tools

Heyy there! I've gotten a lot of questions about how I keep track of everything, and if that's you - it's your lucky day. Below is an exclusive list of only the products that I ADORE. Like, save-my-life, can't-imagine-life-without-them ADORE. Some are tools that I've used through different seasons of life, so I'm sure there is something for everyone no matter where you are in life. Not many things in life work forever. We change, our needs change, and, therefore, our products change to meet those needs. SO, in stead of sticking to the usual "February Favorites," I'm giving away my all-time favorite planning tools.

I essentially have two requirements for any favorites- they have to be practical and they have to be inspirationally beautiful.

Here we go!

//1// Rifle12 Month Planner

The Rifle Paper Co. book-bound 12 month planner is everything you need for when you have 1000 things to keep track of every week. The designs are different every year, but always gorgeous. My favorite thing about these planners are the daily view because it's set up like a to-do list with little boxes you can check off. AND this one is on sale right now (:

//2// Dotted Journal

Perfect for doing your own bullet journal. This Moleskine is my favorite because of the quality, but there are so many good ones! The dots are perfect because they aren't as bold and distracting as graph paper, but the dots help you keep everything symmetrical and neat. If you're new to bullet journals or want some new ideas, you can check out my Pinterest board here. The idea is that you can have one journal/planner that's perfectly personalized for you. You can go as beautiful and intricate as you want or keep it simple.

//3// Silk and Sonder Planner

Silk and Sonder makes gorgeous monthly planners that are mailed to you each month. I love these because they are basically bullet journals that are already created for you and you get a fresh one each month. I think these are especially amazing if you are really working on completing a lot of goals. They come complete with goal-setting help, self-care help, and, of course, planning help. The downside is that they are much more expensive.

//4// Google Calendar

I talked about Google Calendar earlier this month here, but it really has changed how I plan. I love having access to *all* the things I (and Brandon) have going on in one place. You can use different "calendars" in Google calendars as well. For example, I have my personal calendar, my business calendar, and Brandon's calendar connected to mine and you can "turn off" each one if you don't want to see it for whatever reason. Another part of Google calendars that blew my mind- using the notes section for any event. It's the perfect place to put reminders for different events, like if you need to bring certain things, or want to remember to say certain things. Again- the best part about Google Calendar is keeping everything together in one, simple place.

//5// Iphone Reminders + Notes Lists

I use my Reminders app and Notes allllllll the time on my phone. You can create different lists in Reminders and even have repeating reminders (like watering your dying plants or changing the cat litter). I have a list for wellness, home, projects, and big goals with tasks to complete for each in each list. During my morning routine I usually pick my 3 essential tasks from these lists (you can read more about that here). It helps me get things done like never before.

//6// Wit + Delight's Weekly Notepad

This is the perfect planner for when life gets into a pretty good (although busy) routine. I use this to get my paper + pen fix when I'm primarily using Google Calendar. I map out my week using this format every Sunday and then use it every morning to choose those 3 essential tasks for each day. I just really love how this single sheet of paper helps me stay on track each week.

//7// To Do Lists

I know these can pesky little things, but sometimes I just have to do a brain dump when I have too many things to do. I like to write everything down in a list (bonus if it's cute paper) and then either prioritize by numbering the tasks by order or simply highlighting the most important and more time-sensitive items. Rifle Paper Co usually has really inspiring options or I can also always count on Anthropologie to find one, like these here.

//8// Good Notes

Good Notes is an app that you can buy ($7.99) that is essentially all the notebooks you've ever wanted to buy. You can use your finger to draw/write or a pen built for ipads. This app is great for creating your own bullet journal OR you can buy a digital planner from Etsy to use on Good Notes like one of these. I haven't tried this one, but I 99% sure I'm going to buy it to use for rest of the year. I love using this app for a bullet journal because you have all kinds of pen/color options without the risk of messing up because of the simple "undo" button. It honestly takes so much anxiety out of bullet journaling for me.

//9// Goals List Pad

I'm a sucker for goal-setting products... especially if they're drop-dead-gorgeous like this one. I love that this one provides a fresh start for each day- complete with an emphasis on self-care. Check it out. It's a good one.

//10// A Good Old Fashion Wall Calendar

Sometimes, you might just find that you need a good, old-fashion wall calendar. Keep everyone on the same page with this one, regardless of your household's tech use. Paper Source always has a great selection of calendars that will inspire you to keep track of everything each month.

I'm curious! What do you use to help yourself stay on track and not miss anything? Let me know!