• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

My #1 Secret to going Gluten/Sugar Free (you totally could too!!)

It’s been about a month of going gluten free and here’s the truth-

I don't feel like I’m missing out...like, at all. I've been learning what it looks like and feels like to actually listen to my body and paying attention to what makes me feel like I can conquer the world and what foods make me wanna curl up and watch Jane the Virgin for hours. I'm amazed at the difference I feel now when I splurge and eat a little sweet or have a little gluten...I can actually identify how it makes my body feel more sluggish. And I couldn't be happier.

Below are some links to my very favorite gluten free recipes, but here’s the key to making a diet change... are you ready???

Simply find a replacement for any and all of your favorite foods and try to keep food and baking supplies on hand, so you’re never left hanging. The fastest + easiest foods are easily the worst + least nutritious meals, so do just a little prep to make unhealthy choices a little less appealing.

Mmmmkkkkkkk, now for what you’re here for, my go to recipes as of the last month (links are in each title):

The Best Gluten Free Pancakes

These are soooo good!! I found this recipe the first time I tried going gluten free and fell.in.love. I wanted them even while I wasn't eating gluten free...and that's saying something because I know I'm a pancake snob.

When I make these pancakes, I like to swap out the sugar for honey (just half the amount you'd be using of sugar) and you can't even taste the difference. Enjoy!

Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

This little sweet treat is paleo, therefore, sugar and gluten free. It hits the spot on the days I'm craving something sweet without completely throwing me out of whack. They're quick. They're easy. And they don't even make a big mess. I like to throw everything into the mug, whisk it up, and throw it in the microwave. This is literally the only reason I like having a microwave!

Triple Fudge Brownies

KK, you've probably noticed I have a sweet tooth by now, but that just proves that even I can go gluten/sugar free, so you definitely can too. This is another recipe I like to keep within arm's reach because it's soooooo good on days when I really need a little something sweet. This is another paleo treat, so you don't even have to feel guilty (:

One last tip for ya is to find a "cup for cup" gluten-free flour to make an incredibly easy swap in the recipes you already love. I've been experimenting using some of my old recipes and just swapping out all purpose flour for the "cup for cup" flour and swapping the sugar for honey. Equivalent charts are all over the internet, as well, to seamlessly make any recipe one that fits into your diet.

Being able to bake again without feeling glutenous has brought so much joy back into my life! Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I am! Let me know what you think below!