• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

Must-Watch Christmas Movies (above all others!!)

Heyy there!! Ever spend waaayyy too much time scrolling through Netflix or Hulu looking for the perfect Christmas movie to watch?? Dude, same.

No worries, though!! I've got the only three movies you REALLY need to watch to get in that holiday spirit.

Seriously, if I don't watch these, I'm wondering if it's even actually Christmas. Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy!!

1) The Santa Clause

Honestly, any Christmas movie with Tim Allen is a winner for me, but this one beats them all.

2) Home Alone

Talk about a classic....but, in all honesty, don't waste your time on Home Alone 2 or 3...not worth it.

3) Elf

For sure going to be a classic...if it's not already. Will Farrell on Christmas is hard to beat.

Which ones are on your must-watch list?!

I'd love to know!! (:

P.S. Hoping you enjoy this picture of Sophie as much as I do (: