• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

May Favorites

Another month down in quarantine! Way to survive, friends!! I'm curious who all had stay-at-home orders lifted this month. Michigan is, while there's a bunch of exceptions, still under the order.

Regardless, here are my top 5 things I wholeheartedly believe you should try because they made my life better this month. Enjoy!

//1// Trello

This is for anyone with a busy life or has a ton of projects that are hard to keep track of. It' a project management tool, but I started using it for our home life too. Here is the tutorial that sold me on this tool. I *love* that it's free and you can make your boards soooo beautiful.

//2// Becoming by Michelle Obama

A couple years ago, a friend told me "regardless of your thoughts on the Obamas, this is a must-read"-- and I couldn't agree more. The inside look has left me awe-struck multiple times. I believe it's an important practice to try to see things from other perspectives, despite how you may see things. Michelle does a beautiful job describing life on the South Side of Chicago and her journey to becoming a lawyer as an African American woman in the 80s/90s. Although it's taken me ages to finish this one, it shouldn't reflect on her writing - it's all quite captivating... I just kinda got caught up in all the craziness of 2020 (:

//3// Teatulia Teas

Teatulia is one of those companies you want to get behind and support 1000%. They are transparent, organic, regenerative, and community-driven... all while putting out amazing tea. The

amazing work they're doing is far too much to put in this little post, so I encourage you to check out their site and decide for yourself.

Earlier this month, I did a collaboration with them where we gifted five Wellness Packs to followers. These Wellness Packs are *packed* with goodie teas that are good for you AND they match your purchase by sending one to help healthcare facility workers. You can find the Wellness Packs here.

//4// Pilates (Fittbe apps)

You may have seen my instagram post about this, but I can't get over it. I've been loving yoga (obvi), but was wanting something a little more vigorous for my workouts...but just a little bit hahaha. Fittbe apps came in at just the right time in my life. I normally hate home workouts, but they are so invigorating and even fun. I love pulling out my mat now to do these workouts!

//5// Bullet Journaling

Ahhh my love for bullet journaling. It always comes around in the summer months when I have more time to make them pretty. I did a whole video on starting a summer bullet journal here. Essentially, you make your own planner to fit all the goals and whatnot you want to accomplish. You can go as creative or simple as you want and there's tons of inspiration to be found on Pinterest. You can find my bullet journal board here.

Let me know what you think + and what your favorites have been!!