• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

January Favorites

Hey hey heyy!!!

It's finally the end of January. Did January last for-ev-er, or was that just me?? This has been a month of reflection, vision, and planning (as if that's different from any other month, smh). What have you been up to?? As per usual, below are 5 products I genuinely love that are not sponsored in any way, except via my love. Enjoy!

//1// Fit by Katy

One of my dearest has been recommending Katy Hearn for a long minute, but I just now got the fit by katy app + I think I'm in love. For one, she has this "workout generator" that switches up your workout, while still choosing what area you want to work on. Plus, you can choose an at-home or gym workout. I also think she does a great job explaining nutrition in the most practical way I've ever heard. Amazing.

//2//Doc Martens

Last time I go on + on about them-- promise. Brandon got these for me this Christmas + I just wanna wear them every day (especially now that they're broken-in, am i right?!) While they can seem like a lot, they're super comfy and I'm so excited to have them on my feet for the next bajillion years because they are built to last, baby.

//3// Sleep + Stress Relief Lotion

So, I swore off Bath and Body Works a long time ago for the toxins and whatnot in their products, BUT some of my students' parents bought me both of these lotions and I just can't give them up. Honestly, thinking about taking a hot bath with the Sleep body scrub and then slathering the Sleep lotion on me is what gets me through the day. And until then, Stress Relief lotion.

//4// Hard as Nails

My sweet little pseudo sister got me black Hard as Nails polish (by Sally Hansen) for Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing it sense. I like it even better than my other favorite black polish. I think partly because my grandpa used to always tell me I'm "tougher than nails," but also because the brush is so easy to use and it actually stays on pretty long, considering all the things I put my hands through.

//5// Sofresco juices

I got their celery juice when I got back from Disney to help my body recover from the ridiculous amount of junk I ate, and I'm actually in love. The kind I actually got was Apple /Cucumber / Celery / Spinach / Lemon, but it was the closest to celery juice I could get because my local juicery was out. The apple and cucumber made the ickier tastes disappear and it was so tasty. They have other flavors that are so good too. Brandon decided we need a juicer to make this so much cheaper, but we've used it once and I still buy Sofresco...please send your best juicing recipes this way...but, for real.

Thanks for spending another precious 5 minutes with me. I'd love to hear all the things you're loving at the moment and any you think I'd like too!