• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

How To Survive + Be Happy (at the same time!!)

Hey hey heyy! Our lovely series on organization and planning has nearly come to an end (crying, but it's fine). So far we've talked about 3 Powerful Ways to Stay on Track and 5 Keys to Creating Boundaries. Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from ya (:

Basically, the secret to being happy is simply taking care of yourself, which only makes sense, right?! Our bodies and minds are surprisingly very good at living in survival mode, which can make it challenging to realize when we're not living at our optimal potential.

So, here ya go. 5 ways to survive and actually be happy:

//1// Priorities

Make a list of all the things that are important to you and then prioritize them based on how you would like to prioritize them...not how you currently do. Make the list and review it before making any decisions. It may be a little cumbersome at first, but will quickly become second nature...promise. I keep my list in my notes on my phone so when things get cRaZy, I know where to start. As we talked about last week (you can find it here), if you don't set boundaries, you'll end up ignoring the needs of those most important to you.

//2// Take a sabbath

Working a full-time job plus ministry leaves one day a week that I don't have any technical obligations. Because of that, that day is marked off. Really really. Literally, it's marked off on my calendar. I do nothing I don't want to do on that day. I work really hard 6 days a week so I can take one day a week to do nothing but the things I enjoy. Whatever didn't get done can wait. Sometimes that's a lot of netflix + mimosas and sometimes it's sleeping in + volunteering with people I care about. The thing is, though, I can look forward to this day every week to recharge and take care of myself so I can love well during rest of the week.

//3// Fill your deficiencies

Essentially, anytime we feel pain or chronically exhausted, or whatever your problem may be, it's your body trying to tell you that it is deficient in something. The easiest way to fix this is to see a holistic doctor. A couple years ago I went for the first time and was amazed at how I was healed of my chronic sickness and exhaustion after months of going to the local clinic and being on antibiotic after antibiotic. If your doctor's cure involves just curing the symptoms of your problem and includes lots of bad side effects, find a new doctor. A holistic doctor can tell you what nutrients you're body is lacking and you'll be feeling 150% in no time. Literally, when I go see mine, if I'm not feeling 1000% great, he makes it his personal mission to get me there. It's life-changing.

//4// Wear the right clothes

No, I'm not talking about a style or the "right" fit for your body type or whatever. I'm talking about buying clothes that do three things: make you feel confident, good, and (most importantly) comfy. When you dress in a way that expresses your personality, it will help you feel confident and powerful. Use clothes and style as an asset.

//5//Eat well + Exercise

I know this one is a pain to hear, because it's the one we all like to deny or ignore. But really, eating well and exercising is going to change the way you feel in drastic ways, not to mention the bountiful positive effects over time. Figure out what nutrients your body needs and start there. A great way to do this is by eating according to your macro-nutrients, which you can find with a macro-nutrient calculator like this one. As far as exercise, join a class or simply go for a walk. Just do something- start somewhere.

These are my best tips for not only surviving, but living a happy life. Let me know what you think!