• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

Easy DIY Wall Hanging + Giveaway!

Hopefully you have the very few things you need for this wee DIY project! But if you don't.... may I remind you that my girl, Tif, and I are doing a *giveaway* that includes a gift card to Target where you can get these supplies! Click the giveaway photo below to see that post.

What you'll need for this DIY:

- Some yarn (how much depends on how big you want to go)

- A rod of some sort (could be a stick from the yard like mine)

- Some twine OR just use the yarn you have

- Scissors

As you can see, it's flexible...

Everything is flexible if you look at it right.

What you'll need to do:

//1// Decide how big you want to go

The size of your wall hanging will be determined by how much yarn you have and the size of your rod. I bought some pretty short wooden rods to make multiple little hangings, but then I decided to just use a stick from my yard anyway. I've also made a pretty humongous one that my cats think I made for them... I didn't.

On that note, while you're thinking about the size, think about where you'll want to hang it. If you have cats, may I suggest you put it somewhere the kitties can't reach or it'll be all frayed and chewed before this quarantine is over.

//2// Cut your yarn

Before you start cutting, you need to know how we're going to be tying these onto the rod because the yarn will be doubled over and then a little shorter still. If you're like me and enjoy shortcuts, just cut your yarn in pieces that are at least 2 1/2 times as long as you want your wall hanging to be. The last step is cutting to shape your wall hanging, so you can always trim off as much as you'd like then.

You're going to need A LOT of pieces. My favorite way to do this is to lock my cats away for a wee bit, turn on my current obsessive tv show, and cut my ideal piece and use that as my template for the rest.

Cut your pieces of yarn and group into groups that'll be tied together on your wall hanging. For a bigger wall hanging, you'll want to do groups of 30 or so. For a smaller one, like mine, use 10 or so. For mine, I made four groups of ten pieces of yarn for each color (so four piles of grey and four of yellow, each with 10 pieces of yarn).

//3// Hang the rod

Grab your rod and the twine (or some extra yarn if you're going that route). We're going to tie the twine around either end of the rod and then just loop up until its how you like it. THEN tie another small knot to make it stay. Do the same for the other end.

//4// Start tying!

Hang your rod on a door knob or anywhere that'll let you work. This is the tricky part that isn't really tricky at all. I made a short video to help you! You're going to do this motion in whatever pattern you'd like across your rod. Make sure to squish in as many groups as you can to make it look full.

For this one, I ended up dividing the middle into threes and did a simple braid down the middle.

//5// Cut to the shape you want

I like cutting mine at an angle, but you can cut yours however you like best! I have loads of alternate options on my DIY Wall Art Pinterest board, which you can find here.

Now just hang it up + tell everyone you made that fancy piece of art! (:

Tag me if you post a picture of yours! I want to see it + show the world!!