• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

DIY Planter Makeover

Have you ever splurged and bought yourself a cute little plant from the store for a few dollars, but a cute little pot for a whole bunch more dollars?

Or maybe you've hung up some shelves without your handy-man hubby and they are not sturdy... like at all. But I still want those cute plants on them, you know??

No worries- I've got a solution for myself and you! (:

If you think you have the brownest of thumbs, see this list of plants even you can't kill.

Today we're covering an ugly plastic planter in twine for a cozier, farmhous-ier feel.

Think less Walmart, more Joanna Gaines.

This planter makeover is for pots that come in their own ugly plastic pots.

Whatcha Need:


-adhesive of some kind (glue, tape, etc.)


-ugly planter

Whatcha Need to Do:

//1// Ground the twine

Ideally, you will use a small piece of tape to stick the end of twine onto the pot. I find it easiest to start at the top. You want the twine to be firmly stuck on the pot so it's not wiggling around while you're trying to wrap the pot. If it's loose, the whole thing will be loose and look dumb + sloppy.

//2// WRAP!

Once your twine end is firmly on the pot, start wrapping the twine around the pot, slowly working your way down. Make sure you wrap it tightly so you can keep control of the twine. Make thick layers all the way down.

//3//Cutting the twine

After you've worked your way down to the bottom of the pot, there's a couple options. I tied a small knot and tucked it into the water-catcher. If your planter is smooth on the bottom, I'd wrap the twine to the "back" side (the side people won't see as much) and tuck the end behind other layers of twine. It'll be sneaky (:

I hope you enjoy this super simple + quick DIY!! I was surprised how quick it went!

Tag me when you post your project! I love to see them!