• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

DIY Mini Home Makeover

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called "$60 Home Transformation," which included expensive (but beautiful) paint and a cheap can of black spray paint. If you're willing to venture out to a paint store, this would be a great project to do while you're stuck at home with no plans! You can read about that whole project here.

But if you want just a simple little trick to update your whole place, this DIY is for you.

I LOVE this wee trick because it is soooo cheap and you can modernize outdated plastic or chrome details... or literally anything you want to update.

You can do this DIY on any details in your home. In the above post, I used this trick on toilet paper holders, towel racks, and a paper towel holder.

We're working with this color palette, so having lots of gold + black accents. For these little updates, I've just been using a can of black spray paint instead of buying new hardware.

In this project, I'm going to finish off my $3 can of spray paint to modernize my closet door knob/pull things.

Whatcha need:

-spray paint


-somewhere to spray paint

Whatcha need to do:

//1// Grab Your Handy Dandy Screwdriver

I have this handy dandy screwdriver that has all these different tips that i adore, but grab one that works for your project. For this one, I just have to look at the inside of the door to find the screw holding the pull in place.

//2// Spray Paint

If your objects are dirty, make sure you clean them so there isn't any dust or dirt. I just brushed off any little dirt on my pulls.

Lay your objects out on a tarp or anything else you don't mind getting spray paint on. I like to pull the cars out of the garage and spray paint out there. You'll want to do multiple thin layers so you don't have any running drips.

I ended up doing about three thin layers of paint on mine, letting each layer dry about 10-25 minutes. Make sure you get all the sides + edges!

//3// Reattach

Let those dry and reattach to your doors!

This project is incredibly simple, easy, and quick; YET, it makes the biggest difference in the look + feel of your home.

As always, tag me if you do this project, so I can see your works of art! Next up is painting our exterior doors!