• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

DIY Abstract Painting

Hey hey heyy! I hope your quarantine and week are going well! We're on our second week of simple DIY projects over here!!

If you missed the first one on making a DIY wall hanging, you can find it here.

Let me start by being completely honest- I am not a painter. Like, at all. I've tried with all the mediums... I haven't enough patience to work through it! Ha!

SO, get your artsy fartsy pants on because today, we paint!

Whatcha Need:

-acrylic paint

-wide paint brush

-blank canvas

-gold gilding (optional!)

-jar of water

-itty bitty fan brush (optional!)

-itty bitty round brush (optional!)

Whatcha Need To Do:

//1// Dip wide brush into water then paint

You're gonna start with your canvas "upside down." Give your wide brush a quick dip in cool water and then some paint. This will help with some natural running. As you get going, use less and less water!

//2// Make thin layers of your paint color.

Using little to no water, keep painting thin layers, waiting 30-60 seconds between each layer. Once you're about half way done, flip the canvas so the paint is now at the bottom. Keep going until you're happy with how opaque the paint is.

//3// Switch to fan brush

Switch to your itty bitty fan brush - if you have it - to smooth out the abrupt flat brush lines. I love this brush because it doesn't hold a lot of paint - it give the canvas just the right amount of paint!

//4// Gilding

If you have it or want to use it, use gilding to add some sparkle to your painting. This works best if you let the paint dry for no more than a minute and then sprinkle it on. Then I used an extra itty bitty little round brush to press the itty bitty pieces into the paint so they stay in place.

//5// Paint around the edges

To give your piece of art a "finished" look, paint around the edges of the painted end. I kept the canvas flat for this step so no gilding fell off!

Tag me when you post your art! I wanna see!!

Happy crafting!