• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

December Favorites

Here's the deal. You definitely need to consider getting each of these 5 favorites... I seriously wouldn't lie to ya (: Click each subheading for the link!

//1// Disney and Disney+

Holy moley, guys. Nostalgia has been strong these last couple of weeks! We went to Disney World over Christmas (see instagram for highlights!) and walking though all the different extravagant parks and rides sent me right back to sitting in my grandma's living room with a pile of VHS tapes stacked to the ceiling. This was my first trip to Disney and I was honestly surprised at how incredible it is, despite being told so by B and his family the past six years. In turn, we came home with Disney+ so we can watch all the good old movies to our hearts' content... plus all the Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel... it's essentially the best decision of 2019...probably!

//2// The perfect squat-proof leggings

I found the most perfect (and affordable!) squat-proof leggings on amazon! Every girl's dream, right?? Great news- they're only $22.99 and I basically want a pair for every day of the week. Other pros include being pet hair resistant and they dry super quick. Did I mention they're squat proof?

//3// The only Enneagram book for beginners you need

We've all been bombarded with enneagram memes. Ever wonder what type you are or what it's all about? This book is for you. And let me tell ya - that online quiz your friends are taking is not nearly comprehensive enough... read the book... like now. More on this coming soon! Drop a comment below if you have questions about the enneagram.

//4// Kayla Itsines workouts

I bought Kayla's book a few years ago while in college + its been the perfect place to start every time I'm ready for another good challenge. You can find the book on apple books and probably some other online book platforms. There's basic nutrition information that is really helpful, a full 12 week plan with an optional 4 week "pre-training plan" if you need a little extra help getting back into things. It's honestly pretty intense...just a warning! All workouts can be done at home with some simple equipment or at the gym.

//5// My pets

SO. It's a weird one maybe, but I couldn't leave them out! We've been traveling a good bit this month and we've been reminded of how grateful we are for them! Seriously the best of friends. There's no feeling like when you walk in the door and your pets are just so gosh darn happy to see you. If you don't have a pet to cuddle with or to rejoice your return...I'd really encourage you to get one (: