• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

August Favorites (you're def gonna need these products to survive this fall) <3

I know you're freaking out because summer is coming to an end and many of you are starting school again or sending kids to school- it's a crazy time.

But, good news! 'Cause I got you, babe!

This list has everything you need for the chaos you're about to be immersed in; from planning to looking your best to a perfect end to a stressful day. Hope you enjoy these products as much as I have and as always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions (: Click on each product for the link!

//1// Wit & Delight's Stay on Track Planner

This planner is the planner from my dreams...no, for real. Kate did an amazing job creating a weekly overview planner without all the details of the day in and day out. Personally, I LOVE using a planner; HOWEVER, more recently I have just been too busy and/or insane to keep one! I hate to say it, but Google calendar has been my best friend over the last year because I always have it with me and its quick and simple and super easy to edit. This planner gave me the pleasure of having that pen + paper planner again while being super helpful and exactly what I needed.

//2// Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I heard about this foundation from my favorite, Kathleen Lights. Her youtube channel is where I get most of my make up recommendations because she does a great job of comparing drug store + high-end brands, as well as having the same skin type as me (: This stuff is nice and light, but has a little more coverage than the Neutrogena skin tint I normally use. They have a lot of color options and also have a formula for dry skin (I use this one, obviously) and one for oily skin.

//3//Tazo Earl Grey Tea with Caramel Creamer

This has become my new comfort beverage. It's so warm and tasty and the almond milk creamer gives it just a little extra flavor. Earl gray tea has also been proven to help with weight loss, depression, anxiety, and stress. Quick, go buy some now!

//4// Kiehl's Cucumber Cleanser

I use this stuff most nights to get my make up off + leave my skin feeling fresh to get a good night's sleep. I love how it lathers, yet is so gentle on my sensitive skin. The smell isn't exaaaaaactly what you'd think for cucumber, but definitely not bad.

//5// Madewell Sunglasses

I got these a few years ago, but haven't been able to wear them for a while because I've been out of contacts for so long. You'll see me wearing these in a few of my more recent instagram posts because, guys, I finally got contacts again + I feel so alive! The link is not the exact sunglasses I have, but they're the closest Madewell has now (: