• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

5 Stunning Plants of Steel Even You Can't Kill (+ wont hurt your fur babies!!)

nbd, just me and my bff

Ever think that plants just aren't for you because you've got a record of 2 days keeping a plant alive?! Or maybe you work in a cubicle or live in a dorm??? Girl, today is YOUR DAY! You too get to make a space that looks like a luxurious green house.. yay you!!

//1// Snake Plant (my personal FAVORITE)

This guy will be your BFF. I got one when Brandon and I first got married in college and it's not only been the only plant that is still with me, but it's continued to grow despite the FOUR moves we've made since then. Did I mention I also forget to water this bad boy on the regular?? ON TOP OF ALL THAT, it cleans the air for ya...best roommate ever.

//2// Spider Plant (a close 2nd)

This is another one that doesn't need a bunch of light and still continues to grow! Spider plants are super easy to propagate, so you can buy one for under $5 and grow all kinds of spider plant babies to fill up that lush den of yours. I currently have mine hanging on a wall next to a window and it is looking beaut-i-ful.

//3// Baby Rubber Plant

Love succulents, but can't keep them alive to save your life? If you're problem is lack of sun light, this guy is going to be the one for you. The leaves feel similar to succulents; you could even say they feel like...rubber (hehehe 🤣). This is another one I am not the best plant mom to...Lulu (our majestic white princess cat) knocked one of my rubber plants over, everything spilled out, she played in the dirt, Brandon stuffed it all back in the pot, and it's STILL thriving. A++

//4// Giant Tropical Bromeliads

You'll be dreaming of that tropical vacation with this one. While it looks like it would require loads of special care, you'll be so glad to know it's actually easy to care for! You'll want to keep this guy in a relatively bright room, but not in direct sunlight. The bromeliad is also not so tolerant, as far as me forgetting to water it. These do take just a little bit more care and precision than the others, but they're totally worth it for the vibrant colors it will repay you with!

//5// Cast Iron Plant

This plant is really where its at. Can't you just tell from the name it's a winner?? The cast iron plant is seriously one of the hardest plants to kill, while simultaneously being one of the most beautiful accents in that cute little office/dorm/house of yours. Number 1 rule? Just don't let it get much sun light. For real! That's it!


While these are all fabulous options that can for sure upgrade your space, it can be quite tedious to actually track down these plants. There are loads of online companies that will ship you plants, OR you can simply visit your local grocery store. I simply find a plant that looks perf, check if it's pet-safe by googling it, and then check how much light it needs. If you check those items, you'll be golden.