• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

5 Secrets to a Quick + Easy Summer Style

I don't know about you, but my summer days are pretty unpredictable. "Lay-low days" all of a sudden turn into days I'm gone from sun up to sun down or I go out for like two things and run into friends...only to completely ignore my to-do list and go to the movies.

I call this one my "Go-To Summer Style" because it's the one for those days...you feel me? I don't wanna put tooooo much effort in because I'll probably be home most of the day where no one will notice my well-thought-out outfit, so I throw on (what I consider) an acceptable outfit.

So here it is, top to bottom :


You saw that right, no perfect waves or even...well, anything hair. It's summer! It's time for lived in, comfortable, on-the-go natural hair. I've been LOVING Paul Mitchell's wave refresher spray (you can find it here !). First of all (and most importantly), it smells AMAZING. But, also, it gives my hair just a little extra wave encouragement that it needs to not be completely flat.


Summer is the best time of year to let those freckles shine. I love using a light BB or CC cream that looks super natural. Add a little mascara and you're golden.


The key to my summer uniform is...honestly, Brandon's closet....for real. Raid your brother's / dad's / boyfriend's / husband's closet for that effortless, easy-going style that is the essence of summer.


I've been living in these high-wasted shorts from Target. They're the perfect mesh of structure, stretch, and durability. I've gone out in them, I've pulled weeds in them, and I've spent many a summer night by the bonfire in them. I don't even care if they only last this summer--- totally worth every cent. You can find them here (:


Lastly, my beloved Birks. Not because they're what everyone is wearing or whatever...but have you worn them? I didn't even know I liked arch support until I put these babies on. I literally live in them. Brandon is even wearing them now because of how comfortable they are. You know I already bought a special pair just for those long days of teaching coming for me.

Hope this either gave you a couple laughs or a couple ideas (:

What are your summer go-tos?? I'd love to know!



P.S. On our way to where I wanted to shoot this photo, Brandon definitely went... "you sure you wanna wear that for your photo?" I told him, "duh." This really is my Go-To Summer Style.