• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

4 Tips to Effortlessly Stay Hydrated (all summer long!!!)

I am the queen of getting dehydrated. You feel me?? Sometimes life gets too busy or there's just too many distractions (ice coffee, anyone???). The downside- dehydration has all kinds of nasty effects like fatigue and dry skin...not to mention, you know, your organs could stop working (probably?!)

Staying hydrated is obviously super important. In the summer heat it's super SUPER important because of the extra water you're losing due to sweat and extra activities like sand volleyball or taking your pup on a walk.

Below are my favorite ways to stay hydrated...even despite all the dehydrating habits I have!

//1// Buy a water bottle you can be proud of.

Seriously, getting a refillable water bottle is a GAME CHANGER for me because I am intentionally filling it up and taking it with me wherever I go. To me, the perfect water bottle has a straw and an spill-proof lid. It can be difficult to find one with BOTH luxuries, so snag 'em up when you find them! Get a water bottle, keep it full of water, and try your very bestest to not lose it (guilty!).

//2// Infuse your water with tasty goodness.

Tired of drinking boring water? Before you grab that bubbly coke out of the fridge, consider infusing your water with lemon, lime or all kinds of fruit concoctions. Just search infused water on pinterest and you'll feel like your splurging while getting some extra antioxidants and other detoxing advantages. If you're into it, Perrier Lime sparkling water or Lime LaCroix are also super satisfying ways to get your H2O.

//3// Coconut Water = Life Saver

When you sweat a lot, your body needs electrolytes to replenish itself. Coconut water is an excellent and tasty(!) way to do this. You'll feel like you're in the tropics in no time.

//4// F R U I T !

Above all else, the tastiest way to fill your body with water is FRUIT! Watermelon (duh, it's in the name), strawberries, and cantelope are the three top fruits for water content. Eat them up and it'll make your heart happy too <3

Hoping this has given you the friendly nudge you needed to get more water in your system each day.

What's your fav way to stay hydrated?? I'd love to know! (: