• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

3 Ways to Turn Around the Worst Day

I have thought A LOT about this over the last year as I'm currently walking out of one of the very hardest seasons of my life.

So, lucky you! Here's what I learned about picking myself up off the floor (or, more realistically, out of bed) and keep going.

//1// Gift yourself a ______

My personal favorite?? Coffee. Always coffee. But yours could be a massage, a bouquet of flowers, whatever brings you simple joy. Make a list of these things as a sort of "action plan" for when you're feeling down.

Or maybe you just need to get out of your head by doing something for you. This could be praying, napping, running (like, the activity; not actually running away from your problems... turns out that doesn't work so well). Whatever helps -- make a list so when you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, you don't even have to figure out what to do to feel better -- look at your list and pick one. Simple as that. And when you are feeling good, take note of those things that are life-giving so you're well-equipped (:

//2// Brain dump

Literally just write down everything in your head in no specific order. Getting your thoughts out of you head and onto something concrete will literally create space in your brain for better, more productive things...it's scientific, promise. Click here to help you get started!

//3// Schedule something FUN

Remember fun?! Or are you like me and trying hard to remember things you enjoy. Like, what even are hobbies? Are adults allowed to have them? I'm here to tell you YES. Yes, you are supposed to have fun. This past year I've rediscovered my love for writing, playing piano, reading, and I went from feeling like I had zero hobbies to having too many to keep track of. Plan something that you can look forward to either by yourself or the people you love most. Just add more fun into your life; whatever that looks like.

For more on taking care of your mental health, check out my Pinterest board here. Enjoy!