• Danielle Lee Tschirhart

3 Powerful Ways to Stay on Track

Heyy there! A question I get asked A LOT is how I keep everything planned and organized, so for all of February we're going to look at Organization + Balance... and it's my birth month, so you know we're gonna talk all about my favorite things.

Now, you might be thinking, "Hey girl, what's that got to do with planning?" And the answer is... EVERYTHING. Literally, everything. I never feel organized and like I have balance in my life unless I plan ahead. And, like I talked about in my Vision Board post (you can find that here), you need a plan to make those big dreams of yours come to life.

//1// Google Calendar

So what's my #1 Secret to staying on track with my goals and what I want out of life? Google Calendar. Seriously. That simple.

I have always been a pen and paper kind of girl, but in the last few years my life has been all over the place and I've found it so much easier to keep everything straight if I just give in and use my phone.

Now this tip is essential: Put everything in your calendar. From work to working out to self care time - if it's a priority, put in on your calendar. Simply make an event and set it to repeat every week or whatever frequency you need. Let me know if you want to see an example of this!

Then stick to it. You'll be so surprised with how much you can fit into a day when you don't leave time for hours of scrolling through TikTok or Insta. And on the flip side, I realized I was trying to fit waaaaaay too much into my days.

//2// Three Essential Tasks / One Thing

Since last summer I've been living by the "three tasks a day" rule. The idea is each day you write down three tasks that need to get done- just three. Like, if nothing else gets done, at least those three important tasks do. Usually I get my "three things" off of my weekly overview which you can read about below. I try to have one cleaning task, one annoying adulting-type task, and one self care "task" (i.e. face mask, paint my nails, etc). All important in their own ways.

Something new I'm trying in my Silk and Sonder planner is writing one thing that I can do to make each day easier. It's been really interesting and I'm excited to keep doing it over this month to see where it leads.

//3// Weekly Routine

Every Sunday I sit down and plan out my week. This includes meal planning, task planning, and figuring out what's going on in our schedule for that week. My favorite way to do this is with the Wit and Delight weekly planner (I talk about it here), but I've been trying out the Silk and Sonder planner lately and I really like it too! Don't worry... at the end of this month I'll have a list of my all-time favorite planning tools. Keep your eyes peeled.

Whatever you do, do it with purpose and don't forget to fill your cup. You can plan the heck out of a day or week, but it won't mean anything if you are totally burnt out or frustrated. Take care, friends.

Tell me what you do to stay on track!